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Prowi makes it easy and value-adding to manage and handle commission across your organization through a state-of-the-art commission platform.

"From the back of a coffee filter to a commission management platform..."

My first encounter with a commission model was when I worked for Targus in 2002 under Kim Gervin. The model was created in Excel and was based on an old Formula 1 points system that Kim had used with his friends for their Sunday races. I came across commissions again in the early days of Trustpilot, where Peter Mühlmann and I sat in the kitchen of Trustpilot's first office and developed a model that we wrote down on the back of a coffee filter.

Later, as the director of Pixelz, I have encountered several challenges in creating, managing, and ensuring the value of our commission schemes. When used correctly, commission can be an incredibly powerful motivator, but if mishandled, it can result in demotivation.

Søren Søe HolmFounder, Prowi

We wondered if we could improve our salespeople's performance by 10% by offering 10% more commission - but the answer was no. With Prowi, we have made the connection between their actions and commission payments visible, which has created focus on the right tasks and resulted in increased earnings for them, and us.

Thomas KragelundCEO Creativeforce

Increase sales motivation with Prowi and spend less time on administration!

We no longer use coffee filters to count commissions and bonus, but to brew a good cup of coffee. That's why we'd like to invite you for a cup of coffee and a chat about how to make the most of your salespeople's time and commission payouts.

Meet the team behind Prowi

Peter Haahr Rasmussen

Founder & CEO

Tel. +454253 3498 | Linkedin

Mathias Salomonsson

Founder & CTO

Tel. +457060 4554 | Linkedin

Søren Søe Holm

Founder & People Lead

Tel. +454010 3262 | Linkedin

Morten Ditmer

Founder & Product Owner

Tel. +457060 4554 | Linkedin

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