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Why choose Prowi?

Save time and avoid errors by automating your commission calculation and disbursement. Salespeople can track their commission in real-time and get a dopamine kick when an order turns into a bonus. Focused and motivated salespeople sell more.

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What would it mean for your turnover if all your salespeople increased salesperformance with just 1%?

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Trust and confidence

Sellers who do not understand their commission scheme ask many questions and have doubts. It does not increase motivation and creates an increased need for communication and explanations.


The moment the seller registers a sale, a notification and update is sent with their earned bonus. Action, reward, dopamine, motivation, results.


Excel sheets and manual entries are time-consuming workflows that can also lead to errors. Prowi connects to your CRM, ERP or HR system and sets your commission calculation on autopilot.


No matter how big your sales team is or you expect it will be, Prowi handles it. Your commission models easily adapts to new scenarios when you need it.

Get answers to general questions about Prowi

What is Prowi and how can it help me?

Prowi is a real-time commission calculation and management platform that helps sales managers, finance managers and administration to automate and optimize their commission processes. Prowi offers a range of features that make it easier to calculate, manage, pay and communicate commissions for salespeople.

What types of businesses and sellers can benefit from Prowi?

Prowi is suitable for all types of companies and sales departments that work with or want to work with commission and bonus schemes. Product and industry are not decisive for the usability of Prowi, but it is particularly valuable for those who want to optimize their commission processes and motivate their salespeople to sell more.

Can Prowi handle multiple commissions per employee?

Prowi can calculate commission at department, team and even employee level. In short, you can assign commission models to whoever you want. The possibilities are endless.

Is Prowi integrated with other CRM, accounting and HR systems?

Yes, Prowi can integrate with your CRM, accounting and HR systems, making it easy to gather and manage data from different sources. We actually retrieve data right where you have it, e.g. Excel, Gsheet… you name it.

How much does it cost to use Prowi?

The price of Prowi is tied to the complexity of your commission models. Therefore, prices are divided into 3 groups: 199 – 299 – 399. You can find out much more about prices and what each price group includes. In connection with the onboarding of Prowi, there is a project service for setup and onboarding, which again varies from project to project.

Are there any restrictions on the number of sellers or commission models in Prowi?

Prowi is designed to scale and handle a large number of sellers and commission models. Subscription plans and features may vary, but Prowi is built to accommodate different business sizes and needs.

Can I make team bonuses?

Yes, yes, yes! Team bonuses are proven to have a huge impact on strengthening cohesion and achieving growth targets. It’s easy to set up team bonuses in Prowi and make them visible to the employees in the team via the Prowi App.

How does your support work?

Because we are salespeople first and foremost, we are always available by phone. You don’t have to go through a robot or long contact forms to reach us. We help you both with setting everything up, but also with integrating Prowi to your other systems. That said, Prowi is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and if you’re used to navigating systems, the transition to using Prowi should be a breeze.

How do I get started with Prowi?

To get started with Prowi, visit and request a demo. Once you have a demo, together we will set up your account and set up your commission models and integrate with your existing systems. If you want to try out Prowi on your own, you are welcome to do this as well. Whatever suits you best.

How does Prowi's real-time commission calculation work?

Prowi’s real-time commission calculation works by aggregating data directly from sources such as CRM, accounting programs, and HR systems. The powerful calculation engine handles all the calculations and updates in real time, eliminating the need for manual calculations and waiting for reports.

How does Prowi work on mobile devices?

Optimized for use on mobile devices, Prowi allows merchants to access their commission data and settings on the go via a mobile app.

How can I customize commission models in Prowi?

Prowi makes it easy to customize commission models by offering a flexible and intuitive system. You can create and customize commission models that fit your business goals and the behaviors you want to motivate salespeople to have. The combinations are (almost) endless and the possibilities are endless. With Prowi, you don’t lose the overview, but can play with getting the maximum benefit and focus from your salespeople.

Can Prowi help resolve commission disputes between salespeople and managers?

Yes, Prowi can help resolve commission disputes by providing a transparent and detailed overview of commission calculations. Features like comments and revision history make it easy for salespeople and managers to communicate and resolve any discrepancies.

How can Prowi help motivate salespeople and improve their performance?

Prowi helps motivate salespeople by offering transparency in commission calculations and allowing them to see their current, potential bonus, as well as the bonus to be paid out in the next payroll run. This gives salespeople control over their earnings and a better understanding of how they can influence their salary by increasing their sales efforts. This transparency and insight can lead to increased motivation and focus on sales efforts.

How does Prowi ensure data security and confidentiality?

Prowi takes data security and confidentiality seriously. The platform applies industry standards and best practices for data storage and protection and ensures that only authorized users have access to sensitive commission data.