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How Prowi helps

Sales-driven businesses

Experience commission calculation like you’ve never experienced it before. Minimal time consumption, transparent and simple. We adapt to your current setup and help you get started.

Designed for you


We set up your commission model in Prowi, regardless of complexity, in just a few weeks. It removes the hassle of calculations and we are ready to help if you want to adjust your model.

Powerful engine

Prowi combines a simple design with a powerful engine to handle all commission types. You can easily set up and customize bonus schemes, while we take into account all important factors – everything is taken care of.

Real-time calculation

With Prowi, you can calculate and view commissions in real time using integrated data sources. Thanks to Prowi’s powerful engine, waiting for reports and manual calculations is a thing of the past.

Fully integrated

Prowi makes it easy to integrate CRM, accounting software, and other data sources so you can save time and focus on growth. Prowis integrations ensure accurate and up-to-date calculations.

Easy adjustment

As we work with people, manual adjustments may be necessary. With Prowi, you can easily edit commission lines and track changes for full transparency and traceability for all parties.

Highly motivated sellers

Transparent & understandable

Ensuring accurate commission means that salespeople are rewarded fairly and correctly for their work. Transparent and understandable bonus calculations build trust with sellers, as they know they are getting the accurate and deserved compensation.

Insight and reporting

With the Prowi App, salespeople can instantly view their commission and performance. Transparent metrics boost trust and morale, and the instant feedback fuels a dopamine response as they see their success translated into rewards.

Communicate in the app

Prowi’s commenting feature facilitates communication between salesperson and manager about their bonus. It is effective and increases transparency and trust in the sales team. Salespeople can ask questions, get clarity and give feedback, which helps resolve conflicts and benefits both the salesperson and the company.

Set goals - reach them!

The Prowi App allows sellers to set personalized earning goals and track their progress. The salesperson can take responsibility for their earnings and understand how activity levels and performance affect their salary payouts. Transparency increases motivation and focus on sales activity, leading to higher productivity and more sales.

Better overview and control

Control and precision

Once Prowi is implemented, you can concentrate on your salespeople and improve their performance. Prowi eliminates most questions about commission calculations because sellers can keep track of them on an ongoing basis.

From separate sources to a single solution

Prowi unites all departments around the same data, strengthening communication and clarity between departments. This helps to maintain a positive atmosphere and promote sales.

Pay on time and without errors

After final approvals of the commission period by all relevant parties, commission is transferred directly to your payroll system with just one click. This task can be carried out by the payroll department or any other person responsible for the process.

Ready for growth

Optimal business operations

Prowi automates critical work processes for HR and payroll managers, while centralizing the collection of data around commission calculations. This minimizes the risk of errors and reduces the time spent on manual tasks. By increasing productivity and efficiency, Prowi makes your business more scalable without requiring additional resources.

More commission models?

With Prowi, you can motivate different behaviors more easily and reach your goals more effectively. Create commission models that are tailored to the needs of each sales person and aligned with your overall company objectives.

Endless data sources

Do you have a lot of systems and data already? Prowi connects to your existing systems and works in the background. You spend minimal time on the platform. We retrieve employees, master data, sales figures… you name it. Prowi is designed for you to spend less time on software. Control, Approve, Verify and transfer to payroll.

Experience Prowi before you decide

Get a presentation today and discover how you can further motivate your sales reps with your commission model and save time on your administration.