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Want to save time and increase salespeople’s motivation?

Prowi: A 1-stop platform for commission management, communication and employee motivation

The salespeople love to keep track of their bonus and it saved our administration one day a month after implementation of Prowi.

Tue Martin BergCEO Capturi

“All the numbers fit. I really love to handle commission this way.”

William Veber CFO Snow Guard:

Transparent and motivating

Salespeople value insight into their commission and how they can increase their bonus. The Prowi App provides a transparent and detailed view of commission calculations, which gives salespeople a sense of security and understanding of the basis for their bonus. This creates a focused and motivated sales environment.

  • Real-time commission calculation
  • Push notifications
  • See your next commission payment
  • Approval of commission statements

Transparent and time-saving

As an administrator in Prowi, you gain a comprehensive overview and in-depth understanding of the basis for your commission calculations. It becomes easy to make adjustments and communicate changes in commission calculations across different departments and employees.

  • Role-based approver workflow
  • Overview at a glance
  • Manually Correct & and Adjust
  • Transfer to payroll

Zenegy customers who have commission-paid employees will save a huge amount of time with the integration between Zenegy and Prowi. It is a game changer for anyone involved with commission payouts.

Jes T.S. BrinchDirektør og Stifter Zenegy

GDPR Compliant and fully audited

Safety through traceability

With Prowi, you have full control over your data and can easily roll back changes to previous versions. The traceability makes it easy to explain and understand the basis of the commission calculations.

  • Full transparency
  • Trace calculations to the data-source
  • Manual data Adjustment & Corrections
  • Review model calculations
  • Imports from all sources

Try out new scenarios

Increase motivation and sales by experimenting with new and improved incentive and bonus structures in Prowi Admin, without cumbersome and time-consuming processes.

  • Simulate new models
  • Calculate impacts
  • Copy models

Integrations & Data Sources

Accurate commission depends on precise data that already exists within your company. Prowi integrates with your CRM, ERP, and other relevant data sources, eliminating the risk of costly typos and dissatisfied salespeople while increasing the automation of manual tasks.

  • 2-way integration to CRM & ERP
  • Payroll integrations
  • Open API
  • SOC II Compliant

Customer stories

Our commission model is actually quite simple, but still takes a lot of time each month. Collecting, entering and validating data is time consuming. Prowi retrieves our sales figures in Pipedrive, calculates them based on the model we have always used and prepares a file ready for payroll import. It is safer and much faster for us.

Tue Martin BergCEO Capturi

As well as being time-consuming every month, we did not feel we got the most of our commission. It was in the dark. With Prowi we spend less time and the feedback from the salespeople is that it gives them a better insight into their salary and bonus and it makes them hungry for more.

Christian Skov NielsenDirector Desko-leasing

Prowi is an obvious solution to a fairly common problem. Therefore, we have chosen to invest a significant amount of money in the platform, which we use to calculate bonuses for our consultants.

Simon HeibergChief Financial Officer Sweat Capital

I'm a big advocate of making life more simple with the tech products I've created. Prowi solves a challenge I've always had around calculating commission - and it works.

Thomas KragelundCEO - Creative Force

Are you ready to save time and avoid mistakes?

Prowi is simple to use and we’ll help you get started

1. Getting started

We help you setup your models in Prowi and connect to data sources + payroll system.

2. Test drive

Testing, testing - we are handling critical data here, so we make sure everything is correct before your first payroll.

3. implementation

Together we do a 'dry run' calculation with you and make sure everything is as it should be.

Prowi is power!

Sales, commission, and motivation are our passion! That’s why we have created Prowi Labs, where we want to share our insights, experience, and fascination for sales with others who share our passion. It can involve the use of behavioral design, psychology, motivation, timing, and many other things we haven’t even heard of yet.
We cultivate concepts and all the knowledge that lies just beneath the surface in your sales department. In Prowi Labs, we strive to make the complexity of sales simple and actionable. Our obsession and passion for sales can help you increase motivation in your sales team, drive higher sales activity, and bring about habit changes in the sales department. Join and participate in our universe of sales nerdiness and Prowision.